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Management of Cookies

Management of Cookies

What is a cookie and what is it used for?

A cookie is a text file or a software element that saves information about browsing on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) on the internet. The cookies are used to recognize your browser for the entire duration of validity of the given cookie. You may read, delete, or modify it.

Cookies may be temporary (session cookies) and only exist during your time browsing the website, or they may be persistent, i.e. with a lifetime depending on the duration attributed to it and your web browser settings. Certain cookies are essential to the use of the Website; others provide for optimization of use and personalization of content displayed. 

Why does Eurolines use cookies?

Eurolines is always looking for new ways to improve your experience on its Websites and provide you better service. For example, Eurolines uses cookies to personalize your searches and increase your browsing speed, remember your choices, such as language preference, and to produce anonymous statistics. The different types of cookies used by Eurolines are described below. Certain cookies may require the prior consent of the internet user (e.g. advertising cookies) before the cookie is installed on their device.

How does Eurolines inform you about the cookies used? 

When you visit our Website for the first time, the link, “find out more” on the welcome banner takes you to this page giving you all information on cookies used on the Website. In any case, you control these cookies, since you can refuse them, delete them, and configure them.

How do I configure cookies?

You can adjust the configuration of cookies directly on our websites or as follows:

On a computer

Using your web browser, you can view the cookies already installed on your computer, and delete them one by one, by type of cookie or all at once. The way to view them varies according to the browser:

  • Apple Safari: section “Privacy” in the “Preferences” menu, space dedicated to “Cookies and website data”;
  • Google Chrome: section “Privacy” in the “Settings” menu, sub-section “Content settings,” space dedicated to “Cookies and site data”;
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: menu “Tools,” section “Internet options,” then “General,” then “Browsing history,” then “Settings,” window for “Temporary internet files” and “history” settings, and finally “View files”;
  • Mozilla Firefox: menu “Tools,” section “Options,” sub-section “Privacy,” dedicated function “Remove individual cookies.”

You can also configure your web browser to block or receive a warning for every cookie installation. The steps to follow vary according to browser, but you can find the instructions in the “Help” menu of your browser. Browser settings can be adjusted independently on each device you use to access the Eurolines Websites.

On a smartphone or tablet
You can uninstall or delete these cookies by doing the following:

  • Android: section “Privacy and security” in the menu “Settings,” from which you have access to the options “Clear cache,” “Clear passwords,” “Clear all cookie data,” “Clear form data,” and “Clear passwords.” You can also configure these options to no longer allow cookies.
  • Google Chrome: in the “Settings” menu in the “Advanced options” category, then “Clear browsing data,” then the data that you wish to delete.
  • Apple browser in iOS8: go to “Settings,” then in the “Safari” tab, select “Block cookies” and choose one of the options proposed: “Always allow,” “Allow from websites I visit,” “Allow from current website only,” or “Always block.” In iOS 7 and older versions, you can choose between the options “Never,” “From third parties and advertisers,” and “Always.”

Please note that uninstalling or blocking cookies used on the Websites may affect or prevent your use of these Websites.

What type of cookies does Eurolines use?

The cookies used on the Eurolines Websites are as follows:

Essential or functional cookies

These cookies are required for the proper operation of the website or provision of an online service on the express request of the User. Disabling them causes serious difficulties in use of the site, and may make it impossible to use the services offered. These cookies may collect personal data. This information may be stored after your browsing session on the website for certain cookies and may be transmitted to partners solely for the purpose of provision of the services requested.

These cookies are used to:

• Memorize the display preferences of your browser (language used, display settings, operating system, etc.) and customize the presentation of the website during your visits, according to the viewing or reading software or hardware on your device and used for browsing on our Website;

• Memorize information related to, for example, a form that you have completed or a service requested (services subscribed, contents of your cart);

• Implement security measures.

Name of cookies          

  • isilines-booking-search-remember

Audience measurement cookies

These cookies are used to recognize internet users during their various visits. They only store an internet user “identifier” (for each cookie) and are not used to collect nominal information on the visitors. They register pages visited, duration of the visit, and error messages, providing for improvement of the performance of our Websites. Audience measurement cookies can be installed and managed by partners, but Eurolines limits their use to statistical purposes.

Name of cookies 

  • Google Analytics
  • Keyade ACD

Cookies for targeted advertising and tracking on social networks generated by share buttons

These targeting and tracking cookies allow third parties to provide services, mainly advertising, and improve their effectiveness. The information collected may be shared with third parties. These cookies may save the websites and pages that you visit, and may collect personal data, such as IP address of the device used by the internet user. In this case, Eurolines’s collection does not go beyond the scale of the city. 

These are cookies that, for example, allow advertising companies to propose ads adapted to your interests according to your browsing on Eurolines’s websites. Your consent is required for the use of these cookies. In this case, a banner will appear on the Website page to explain to you the purposes of collection and ask for your consent to the installation of these cookies.

The Eurolines Website uses social plugins (or buttons) linking to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or YouTube). When you visit our Website, these buttons are deactivated by default, meaning that they do not transmit any information to the given social networks without action on your part.

To use these buttons, you must activate them by clicking. The buttons remain active until you deactivate them again or you delete your cookies. After activation, the system establishes a direct link with the server of the social network concerned. The content of the button is thus directly transferred from the social networks to your web browser, which integrates them into the Website visited. 

If you are a member of a social network and you do not want it to establish a link between the data collected during your visit to our Website and the information registered when you signed up, you must disconnect from the social network in question before activating the buttons.
To find out the volume of data collected and the purpose of collection, as well as the terms and conditions of processing and use of the information by the social networks and the rights and configuration options available to you to protect your privacy, please see the notice regarding data protection by the given social network:

Name of cookies

  • Double Click
  • Bing Ads
  • Bing Conversion
  • Facebook Générique
  • Facebook Conversion
  • Adwords Conversion
  • Adwords Conversion Linker
  • Twitter Remarketing
  • Twitter
  • Selligent Remarketing
  • Selligent Conversion
  • Gemini Native
  • Keyade Newsletter
  • Keyade Sales
  • VIVnetwork Affiilation